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Social Media and Your Personal Brand

Social media has been around a LOT longer than most people think. While ‘modern’ social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (just to name a few) have only been in widespread use for the last five to eight years, social networks harken back to the first online networks.

The issue is that the Internet has a long memory. I found that out after doing a few Google searches on my old Usenet postings. They were, indeed, archived. So if these ancient posts are still in the ether and are searchable, what is the impact of all our social participation on our  personal brand? Who can find them? How will employers view these posts?

I gave a presentation on Social Media and Your Personal brand as one of the first New Hampshire High Tech Council #TechWomen Power Breakfasts. This presentation was also featured as a top post by Slideshare.

I can create a similar, personalized presentation for your company or organization. Just Contact Me for details.

What is Your Personal Brand?

Google yourself (using a private browser/mode). What did you find? Is this how you would like to be perceived professionally? How will employers view you? What steps (if any) do you need to take to change or enhance this view?

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