Marketing & Business Consulting

Your Success is My Business

You’re starting a new business. Or you’re immersed in the day-to-day operation of your existing company. You know you should focus more on marketing, get fresh perspective on your business strategy, or flesh out that new product idea. But you don’t have the in-house expertise or resources, and hiring is a long-term fix to a near-term need. That’s when bringing in a consultant makes the most sense.

30 Years Experience

30 Years of Experience

As a serial entrepreneur, a Silicon Valley veteran, and a 30-year B2B marketing and business development professional, I have designed and launched new products and initiatives, opened new markets, built strategic partnerships, and driven customer and revenue growth. Today, I’m applying that knowledge and expertise to help companies like yours achieve success.

Tailored Consulting Approach

Tailored Approach

My approach to consulting is to help you define the problem you’re trying to solve and determine if and how I can help you achieve your goals. There’s no set fee or program; each engagement is focused on defining the best course of action for your particular problem. Regardless of your level of need, let’s work together to create a solution tailored to your success!


Marketing Services

Marketing Services Consulting

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Make sure that the marketing resources you invest are the best choices to achieve your specifc goals. Let’s work together to build and implement a blueprint for your success. We’ll define a plan that fits your business goals AND your budget. While executing that plan, we’ll monitor and revise our tactics as we see results, investing more in activities that are making the biggest impact and adjusting those that are not performing as desired. In the end, our continued engagement is built upon our mutual success!


Evaluate your current situation and build a plan that focuses on achieving your immediate & long-term goals:

  • Current approach, activities & results
  • Near-term & long-term goals
  • Overall strategy to meet those goals
  • Tactical marketing plan
  • Timeline & budget
  • Success metrics


Create and/or acquire the structures that you need to execute your plan:

  • Brand identity (name, domain name, logo, colors, fonts & style)
  • Core messaging
  • Domain & website
  • Social media properties
  • Marketing tools & platforms
  • Additional resources


Develop content to support your marketing efforts, including:

  • Website design and content
  • Social media profiles, calendar & posts
  • Brochures, white papers, presentations and other collateral
  • Email marketing templates & campaigns
  • Landing pages & lead generation forms
  • Blogs, press releases & short videos


Run, monitor, adjust and measure marketing campaigns and programs:

  • Website traffic/SEO & lead capture
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound/content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Business Advisory

Business Advisory Consulting

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Let’s plan for your future by identifying and implementing new strategies for growth. We will work together to enlarge your current markets, to evaluate new markets, or to identify and assess new products or services. We will test and validate new ideas using ‘lean’ methodologies with current or potential customers–before you make any large investments and throughout the development process. We will create implementation plans that guide you from idea to action and from action to success.


Determine potential avenues for market growth with existing products & services:

  • Analyze existing market position
  • Recommend new markets & approaches
    • Market size & potential
    • Use cases & value propositions
    • Business models
    • Positioning & messaging
    • Competitive advantage


Identify and research new product & service initiatives:

  • Market potential & landscape
  • Target markets & market accessibility
  • Brand & messaging development
  • Business models & pricing
  • Distribution channels
  • Competitive landscape


Test and validate new markets and products through direct customer feedback:

  • Engage current and potential customers
  • Confirm pain points
  • Determine efficacy of solution(s)
  • Validate benefits of product/solution
  • Learn requirements & roadblocks for adoption of new solutions


Develop a strategy and action plan to launch new products or markets:

  • Activities & time frame
  • Launch plan
  • Resources & requirements
  • Forecasts & metrics
  • Continued learning & validation